Welcome to this website for computer made betting predictions on soccer matches. In our publications you will find mainly betting tips for the number of goals scored in the football matches from the biggest leagues in Europe.

On this site you will be able to find percentage presented probabilities of the possible outcomes of several betting options like Both teams to score, Under / Over 2.5 goals scored in the match, as well as the other alternatives for Over / Under goals scored in the game, offered by the most of the bookmakers. On our betting predictions you could also find hints and tips for games like Number of goals in the match, Total Goals / Both teams to score and the probability of the Exact number of goals, scored in the game. Other betting games for which we offer percentage presented possibilities with which to make more accurate betting predictions are Teams to score, Goals conceded and Total goals for every team. Finally, we offer betting predictions for the Exact number of goals, scored by each of the two teams.

How to use this site?

After each of the proposed betting options you would see the percentage of probability for that output actually to happen. When you have this information, the only thing left for you is to compare that information with the odds proposed by your bookmaker. When doing that it would be fairly easy to determine whether this prediction worth the risk or not.

In general, let’s take a look on an example where you have a betting prediction for Over 2.5 goals scored in the match for which our program for computer betting tips estimates that the chances for success are 50 percent, and the rate proposed by the bookmaker is 2. In such cases, you could assume that after 100 similar bets you would not have won anything, but you would also not have lost anything from your bets. However, if you have a probability of success of 60% with the same odds, then after 100 made similar bets, you would have a gain 20% from your initial bank. In opposite, if the chances of success of your bet are 40% and the odds is 2, then after 100 bets, you would have lost 20% from your initial bank.

This program is in trial

It is important to note that this program is currently being tested and is updated constantly, which means that we can’t guarantee accurate results. The team behind this project works constantly to improve its results, but we are still in the process of testing. So if you decide to follow the computer-generated betting predictions presented in this site you do that based on your own decision after you’ve been warned about the possible bad results offered by the program.

At its core, this program for computer betting predictions on the goals markets represents a simulation of football matches. In its database we have data about the goals scored and the goal attempts made by both teams in their last matches. The stats we take from Livescore.in.

For the hosts of the match we use the last four meetings at home. Respectively, for the guests we use the last four games away from home. Then, this information is used for one million simulations of the upcoming match, with the data from each simulation calculated and stored. Finally, we display percentage presented probabilities for all possible outcomes.

We bet only for fun

For all behind this site is extremely important to emphasize that betting on football matches is fun for us, not a way to make money. We accept sports betting exclusively as a hobby and we know that when people do not think that way, most often they have gambling problems. If you or your relatives have troubles with that, you could seek the assistance of some professional aid organizations like GamCare and Gambling Therapy.